Saturday, October 07, 2006
2:24 PM;

pictures nung expo.. (bkt ngyon lng toh?)

tinatamad kasi akong mgupload.. kaya ngayon lng to! ahahah!.. i cant edit the post na ginawa ko about sa expo trip! kaya ito.. bago n lng ;)

solo ni sir! =)

lecxis and i together with sir martin! =) sa paete..

boys naman ng DOR.. haha! kulit! =)

jeshia and i! mask trip'n.. :)

kami namang tatlo.. >:p

umuulan na at lahat.. picture-picture prin! habang naglalakad yan! ;)

lola bebs, christian.. ako, martha at adriel :) basang basa!

bkt ito lng pwding maupload? =( ayaw na nung iba.. bsta, check out my friendster acount n lng :)


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